Superhero Theme Song makes music in the San Francisco Bay Area. Blending acoustic guitar-driven alternative rock, with pop, electronica, world, and down-tempo beats - you can groove all night!


New Video! Bombs Away

Just finished a new video for the song Bombs Away. Please go check it out on YouTube!

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VibeDeck: Direct-To-Fan eCommerce Platform For Musicians

We’re always on the look-out for new, interesting music services – particularly those that support us independent folks! VibeDeck appears to be a good, web-based platform for musicians to sell their music, directly to fans, without having to pay a third party (other than Paypal.) It always surprises me when services like this charge nothing AND, do not serve up advertising either – how do they make any money? Oh well, I guess they will figure that part out.

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New CD: Like A Star

Superhero Theme Song "Like A Star"

We are excited to announce the release of Like A Star – the new CD from Superhero Theme Song. The music on this CD drifts between melodic, singer-songwriter style ballads; alt-pop rockers with ethnic tonalities and rhythms; and cool, down tempo grooves. It was inspired by the music of Death Cab for Cutie, Liam Finn, David Gray, Beck, Zero 7, Pink Floyd and Arcade Fire.

You can hear samples on the Music page, and buy the CD at CDBaby.

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New CD Coming!

I’m excited to say that the final mastering is being done on our new CD, Like A Star. It should be released in the next 2 weeks and should be available on CDBaby by the end of June. Check back for more updates!

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Superhero Theme Song at SXSW!

We’ll be at SXSW this year. Please drop by and say hi.

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New Video!

New video for an old song, Ride On. Using some classic hot rod racing. Check it out!

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Apple: Unlimited iTunes Music Downloads!

Well, not exactly. I saw this headline and, being a musician myself, I immediately got concerned: Is the value of music about to drop even further than it already has? As others reading this article have stated, the headline sounds like Apple is about to give users the ability to download all the music they want (likely for a free). However, that’s at all what is happening. In reality, the goal here is just to allow customers who have already purchased a piece of music the ability to still “own” that music if they ever replace their current listening device. Currently, when I buy a song from the iTunes store, using my laptop, that piece of music is only available to me on that specific laptop. If I were to buy a new computer, and I wanted to play that same song, I’d actually have to re-buy it through iTunes. Lame! I think everyone has been frustrated with this. So, the goal here is to remove this obstacle.

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Happy Holidays from Superhero Theme Song!

STS has been traveling in Northern California since Xmas day. Having just landed at an Internet Cafe in Guerneville, by the Russian River, it is time to wish everyone a happy holiday. Only a few more days left of 2010!

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Superhero Theme Song on You License

I’m excited to have the music of Superhero Theme Song now available for licensing through An artist can upload music, tag it with descriptions so that people can find it (similar to Jango, Last.FM, etc.) What is cool is that the people who visit are looking for music that they can use in their projects: film, TV, web, multimedia, etc. Artists can set up their own licensing agreement and interested parties can make offers through the website. What a great idea for a site!

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Superhero Theme Song on Jango Radio

Superhero Theme Song is now getting played on Jango online radio. Jango has a very cool system for artists where we can create musical targets that put our songs in the same channels (stations) and playlists as famous artist with similar styles. For example, I can group Superhero Theme Song with Beck, Death Cab for Cutie, The Stones, Cake, etc. This allows our music to get discovered by fans with similar tastes. As well, the Jango artist services allows me to see all the stats on how my music is performing. This information includes: which songs have played and even where my our “fans” located in the world. The stats also will show what other artists our fans are listening to. This information is super valuable for learning how to attract more fans and interest in my music. Please come check it out:

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